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on the shoppingchopping block and parents are none too pleased. 129 schools but not all will go before neighborhoods with the most possible closures are burnham park, englewood north lawndale and garfield humble park. those tempers flared
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tonight at the community meeting. to say that this crowd is live lee even just vocal truly does into the crowd justice inside tonight 500 people or more are simply outraged their serious and determined to see their schools stay open through this entire process they have about six weeks to get their message across until the city releases its final list of schools on the chopping block. they tirelessly protesters waving signs and pointing fingers and preparing to could quite possibly cede their child's school clothes and left the city changes its mind by march 1st. one school to many are to shut down if you ask this crowd. cps, shame on you. our
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children are chicago we are not going to finally sit back and let you continue to make these decisions on our children because we have come to realize that you don't care about their education. it is the first of 14 community meetings over the next two weeks they get more rockets with each one in a room are hundreds of people who feel that their neighborhoods are being abandoned by the mayor and chicago public school barbara byrd bennett not a single school board member presents they will get the transcripts we are told. you have to come to the table. everybody is saying the same thing, what you saying? neighborhood schools are what keep our communities together. at this stage in the next year
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we could not have any more expansion of charter schools. it's a dirty word in this room folks are hot about nine charter schools set to open while more than 100 public schools could very well close administrators say that attending the schools is a choice by parents not the school board and an wood suggesting that low income african american family is being targeted... those are the communities where we have the greatest underutilization. the city claims that nearly 140 classrooms are only half full,schools have classrooms that are only half full. meanwhile cps is staring at a $400 million budget deficit, they say closing some schools and putting the other ones together is one way to close the budget gap, for a
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complete list of the 129 schools on the list today you could go to stuart elementary here behind me are just one of the 129 schools still being considered for closure or consolidation. parents i talked to tonight are hoping it will be scared. jessica and her three brothers currently attend stuart elementary in uptown she is worried about what her teachers have been telling her at school. that's why we are maybe on the list that we can close down... right now it only takes jessica few minutes to walk to school but that's an off change as cps decides to close it. when i
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leave the school all of my friends will be in different schools and it's going to be very hard for me to make new friends. another school at risk of being shut down is stockton elementary. although cps sites under utilization as a reason for consolidating the school they say small schools are a good thing it to me is that her daughter gets more one-on-one time with her teachers. in fact some parents are concerned that the closure of one school will mean overcrowding at another.
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nobody is happy when their school is on the list but something has to be done. parents have also expressed concerns about safety particularly when it comes to gangs parents are very concerned about what that will cause and cps has said it will take that into consideration before they decide to close any schools. he has asked
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first lady michelle obama. >> quite an honor. >> the first lady also attended pendleton's funeral service last week they support the second amendment but they believe there should be a way to stop the guns from getting into the hands of criminals. i know we need assault weapons because we have an army but how're they getting on our streets? that's what i would like to know some kind of a way where do we can prevent them from being sold in regular stores. new information on the pendleton murder case in cook county jail inmate gave
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investigators a tip to question a recent parolee who led them to michael ward and kenneth williams who has been charged with first-degree murder and denied bond. i look forward to looking with the residents of the seventh ward and a look forward to looking at all of my colleagues in the state council. jackson resigning and it's the corruption investigation of her husband and her. the cop who
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fired the shots is 31 year-old officer sierra who told investigators he thought former had a gun in fact farmer was only holding his cell phone. the family protested in demand charges the chicago police department claims the shooting was justified he was never charged but he was stripped of his police powers. today the city council approved a $4.1 million settlement for farmers family. it doesn't bring justice to what happened to our son farmers father called the shooting and execution he believes that the officer will be charged eventually farmers attorney says that the video was to keep piece of evidence that led to the seven figure
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settlement with all the video you basically have been on witnessed the eventandan witnessedonun nest = witnessedwitnessed event. unwitnessed eventhe now works at the city's 311 call center doing criminal background checks for officers on the beat. the case was turned over to the fbi and the cook county state's attorney's office. illinois lieutenant
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governor making a big announcement about her full localpolitical future. horrifying tales of a crippled cruise ship that makes it's very slow journey back to the united states.
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ice breakers duo a fruity cool way to break the ice. houghover my lifetime i want to continue to be the most effective public servant and i can be i believe i have been effective as lieutenant governor and i believe i can be more effective and other offices. simon says she told the gov back in december
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that she wouldn't be his running mate. if you could go to church this ash wednesday you could get your ashes on the go several denominations are offering ashes to commuters on their way to work. they say they appreciated it as their busy working schedule taking over as president of tribune local broadcasting today they will
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oversee 23 television stations including wgn tv and wgn radio. they emerged from bankruptcy on new year's eve to make this move. he has spent 30 years in broadcasting the last 10 at nbc. in a move that would create the world's largest airlines american airlines and usair ways have reportedly agreed on a merger. some think that this will create more nonstop flights out of o'hare. stories of raw sewage seeping into the hallways unbearable accommodations, when the vacation nightmare will finally be over for the hundreds on the
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cruise ship. new details about the gunfight between police in california and the alleged cop killer christopher dorner. president barack obama begins a three day trip across the country to sell the ideas that he laionwi introducing new febreze stick & refresh with command strips from 3m. stick it to eliminate odors anywhere. like this trashcan. in like a flower field. aw man! [ screams ] [ laughs ] stick it almost anywhere. new febreze stick & refresh. breathe happy. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] they're all going in the same direction, but in very different ways. and pampers gives all of them our driest best fitting diaper, ♪ ♪ pampers cruisers with 3-way fit. not
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ask your health care provider about alcohol use operating machinery, or driving. other possible side effects include injection site reactions and low potassium in your blood. tell your health care provider about all medicines you take and all of your medical conditions. get medical help right away if you experience serious allergic reactions such as body rash, trouble with breathing fast heartbeat or sweating. flexpen® is insulin delivery my way. covered by most insurance plans, including medicare. find your co-pay cost at ask your health care provider about novolog® flexpen® today president obama fresh off of his state of the union address. the president thevisited an auto plant in asheville. he says he
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needs $1 billion to set up 16 of them he wants to overhaul the overall tax rate of corporations and offer incentives for businesses to bring manufacturing to the u.s.. when our middle class is growing and thriving make sure that their kids are doing even better than them that's the american dream. the president had to apply to georgia tomorrow friday he will visit hyde park academy. purposely set fire to the lake bear cabin in california the suspected cop killer christopher darner officials quickly denied that charge but it's still unclear police called for burners and moving forward with a burn plan experts say that burners' is actually tear gas l.a. times' sources reporting tonight that the fire may have
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been started after a more intense teargas was tossed. still no confirmation that it was found on that person's. carnival expected to poland to port in alabama tomorrow the mayor says that his city is ready for the influx of people professionals will be standing by to treat anyone with health issues air-conditioning has been out for days toilets are overflowing there is sewage on the hallways. joining us now from mobile alabama tonight what time is that crippled ship expected to roll in to borrow? tomorrow afternoon is the best guess that we have it's really been fluctuating a lot it's moving along very slowly.
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it's really only moving between 5-7 mi. per hour with more than 100 mi. out so you can imagine how long it's going to take it takes a lot of precision to get it and especially since the engines are not working so that process alone is going to take several hours tomorrow. a lot of people have been talking to family members even though the cellphone reception is not the greatest. they are eating onions and cucumbers what are folks talking about as far as doctors and medical help? there is going to be a tree-center here but we haven't heard many reports of injuries what we're hearing is that they're concerned about the psychological state today they announced they are going to give
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each passenger $500 for their trouble in addition to a refund of the trip coming up five years after a deadly shooting that rocked the campus what has changed since that tragedy. the next generation x rays are faster and safer another controversy over more photos of kate middleton.
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advances in technology have changed the picture. a drink of contrast solution, an idea for fluid, this is a link exactly how emilie romero would be like to spendinglike to be spending her sixth birthday it's at her first cat scan and it's likely not her last. she was diagnosed with lymphoma one year ago she undergoes routine stands to make sure that her cancer stays in check. it's the best tool that we have to do that. but the diagnostic quality images come with the price exposure to radiation something that doctors try to avoid in children. we know that children have a long time to live, their tissues are growing into rapidly turning over so the radiation
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effects can do more potential damage to children that they would an adult for decades manufacturers have been refining the technology just as important doctors and technicians talk about strategies to maximize a machine's potential while sparing patients excess radiation it's a practice that is part physics part human touch. we see higher and higher doses to get better quality images we realized we can actually get those good quality images because of technology without increasing the dose and we have wrapped up the speed what once took an hour now takes 10 minutes today emilie is scan was over in 2.4 seconds. it can do a complete revolution in 2.3 seconds people who are experienced will know how to get the best images with the lowest amount of dose. another advantage of this scam is that
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young patients even babies rarely have to be sedated if you would like to learn more about the image should gently campaign go to our web sites. this mild weather will not be so mild in the next few days. a blast of arctic air is moving in. plans to bring more in nine games to wrigley field appear to have hit a snag. w a febreze experiment.
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we have some colder weather on the way we have an asteroid to talk about tonight we have a weather system watching for potential snow later next week ever wonder what alaska looks like in the winter? this comes to us from michael thomas he was a weather in turn and is now a forecaster at the national weather service forecasts. if you have a car parked outside this morning you were probably doing scraping
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many thanks to our photographers and mother nature for a gorgeous a day. these clouds are with an alberta clipper that may bring us a rain shower tonight that's awfully close to this planet there is an asteroid that will pass 170,000 mi. above earth. scientists are going to take a closer look at that it takes
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place on friday the day after tomorrow look at the highs today, 44 at o'hare. sunshine this time of year is about 80% stronger than it was back in september. st. louis at 55, but regrouping to the north and about ready to make it today move on us. the cool air passing the border into international falls so these temperatures are to drop starting late tomorrow and tomorrow night for the moment we are above freezing. we
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calculate a wind chill of just 31 degrees. it's also responsible for the warmth that has come into our area today. the jet stream is buckling so this brings the flow in like this by week's end in saturday
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the result is we're going to tap cold air and it's going to plunge southward into this region the winds are blowing in strongly from the north this brings the cold air deeply into the united states makes it all the way down the gulf coast in three or four days it will be down to florida. look at the winds. it's going to get windy in these parts. the wins will continue on friday there are snow advisory is no. the snow is expected to accumulate several inches in the upper midwest tomorrow and perhaps tomorrow night. there is a system we are watching later next week and we will talk some more about that. a rain shower could be mixed with sleet or snow. southwest
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winds at 4-14. tomorrow extensive cloudiness and windy for valentine's day. cloudsand see you guys. it survivor story on how the university is honoring the lost people
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to get nexium for just $18 a month at and is the fifth anniversary of the shooting rampage at northern illinois univ. all across the campus are signs of renewal and relief. sean lewis explores the
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other changes in tonight's cover story. i just cannot believe it's been five years. it seems like yesterday. a lot has happened since that time. on a campus of constant change it stands today as a tribute to lives lost and lessons learned. you just have to live it day-by- day and keep moving forward patrick carell i hit in the back of the head and the arm is one of the survivors from the valentine's day shooting at no. university former student for reasons still not known walked into an oceanography lecture class with intent to kill. he opens it up and he pulls out his shotgun and he just darts shooting not a word, nothing. not many remain here who were there during that day but the memory of that day remains. they
9:42 pm
honor those five people killed. just last year it reopened, remodeled the one lecture hall not involved in the shooting is now state of the arts in posting large glasses the second lecture hall turned into a learning lab and in anthropology museum in the other. it's really a testament to the resiliency of our campus community and our local community to transform i guess a symbol of one of the darkest days in the history of an eye you. but for as much transformation as this campus has seen in five years the reminder of the pain inflicted has come far too often since from around the country. it all comes back everybody thinks of
9:43 pm
it isdifferently but you know what those victims are going through when you have gone through it. the and i you community has come together to remember their place in history. the signs are moving forward for those continuing including for patrick could now works at walgreen's corporate headquarters. and i use started a scholarship dedicated to the victim of the shooting. state lawmakers passed the campus security enhancement act to strengthen emergency response plans. one of the biggest
9:44 pm
lessons was never wanted, never planned. it moved and i you forward together. the part of our history and those who were involved will never be forgotten. we just have to live it day-by-day and keep moving forward. survivors keep in touch through regular basis through phone calls in a special facebook page some have even changed their career paths because of their experience five years ago tomorrow and i you will hold its fourth annual community memorial. another day and another photo controversy involving the duchess of cambridge pitcher just surface ofa bikini cladpictures surfaced of
9:45 pm
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ac owdic d
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♪ it was the best day ♪ whoo! yes! ♪ it was the best day ♪ ♪ it was the best day ♪ yeah! ♪ it was the best day ♪ ♪ because of you ♪ [sigh] [echoing] we make a great pair. huh? progressive and the great outdoors -- we make a great pair. right, totally, uh... that's what i was thinking. covering the things that make the outdoors great. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> strike one for the cubs so far the aldermen refusing to fix the cubs proposal at today's city council meeting night games
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and concerts are limited by the neighborhood protection ordinance. management hopes that flexibility in scheduling games will eventually boost revenue to help pay for the $300 million renovation is inside the park not too bad tomorrow temperatures will be fairly mild here is what we did do on the temperatures overnight some areas day above reading and by tomorrow afternoon we could be flirting with 40 it's to our night that we go down to the '20s we stay in the mid-20s and go down to the teens on the thermometer by saturday morning look what happens to the wind chills by friday morning we are down to 12 we hover in the low teens, 10-14 that we drop down
9:49 pm
to near zero by saturday morning its upstream that things get interesting. this ark of clouds may skirt the area with this weather system the read into the yellows are winds that are picking up with this system as they brush us with some rains. it's later next week that this thing starts looking interesting thursday morning next week a perfect pass up for big snows here we have strong winds blowing on the backside of the weather system on friday so we will watch that next week. a long way off we have a lot of time to watch it fleury's could develop 20
9:50 pm
tomorrow afternoon. a little rain sleet or snow monday. very interesting week next week taking shape as well that's it for the weather office tonight. buckingham palace is none too pleased with an italian magazine publishing new photos showing a pregnant duchess of cambridge is sporting a bikini was she and prince william vacationed on a private caribbean islands the paparazzi is banned from the island but they still managed to snap some photos which you don't see your middleton is about four months pregnant. robin ventura raising
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some eyebrows. dan roan is live in arizona with more. >> sounds like a terrorderrick rose is making headlines all the time he will begin playing five on five basketball shortly after the all-star break contrary to a lot of reports that had him
9:54 pm
playing five on five in practice with the balls already it appears it's going to be a long time before he gets back at least blogger than we thought it was going to be which is too bad because they could have used him even tonight in boston. i'm sure this guy's parents are so proud a bad game both ways tonight. he cut six to one. cuts it to one. 69-66 the celtics take the lead. he is going to come out with it but blocked from behind by jason and the bulls lose 71-69 36 percent shooting and 20 turnovers you are not going to win anything doing that. seniors have never
9:55 pm
beaten perdue but tonight at the first half mike henry flips it inside for the jam. 43-29 at halftime and then the second half tyler griffey rediscovering himself and then finishing it off. brian kelly checking held the irish into depaul tonight a big rally for the demons in the second half, down 11 at halftime. this one goes to overtime but once again jerry comes through to rescue notre dame in extra time, he goes the old fashioned way here and notre dame hangs on in overtime to beat the paul by the final score tonight of 82-78 now for baseball normally when you are talking contracts into spring training finally showing up to
9:56 pm
training camp but with the white sox that's not exactly the case. robin ventura is starting the second year of a three-year deal to manage the white sox as a rookie skipper so when they recently offered him the extension he turned them down. it's flattering and it was nice and everything but talking to rick, we have two more years to do this we have good communication, everything is fine this is my contract. speaking of contracts the cubs and their probable aides are looking to reach some common ground the shark regis free agency in 2013, he was really good the last half of 2012 and he wouldn't mind hanging around chicago for a while. just a
9:57 pm
building on the momentum of last season. we're going to be team based and individual based. obviously they will all take care of itself and i have big plans for it. again from the bears johnny knox has retired from football really not responding which is too bad for a good guy there. >> saying to [ male announcer ] at his current pace, bob will retire when he's 153 which would be fine if bob were a vampire. but he's not. ♪ ♪ he's an architect with two kids and a mortgage. luckily, he found someone who gave him a fresh perspective on his portfolio. and
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